All Washed Up

Sometimes in the communal laundry room DAN loses his magnetic Merritt Clubs® name badge…and possibly a pair of lacy panties.




May 28, 2017. Maryland.

Toilet Ring

Sometimes at a heavy metal concert your light metal ring gets away from you and onto the disgusting floor in the ladies room.



April 28, 2017. Maryland.

Brushing Up On The Best Sellers List [“guest blogger” contribution!]

Thanks to Math® for knowing the mission (!) and for capturing this delightful gem.

Sometimes while checking out the journals and diaries at Barnes and Noble® your toothbrush just gets away from you.


March 26, 2017. Hackensack, NJ.

Please Comb to the Lobby

Sometimes in the fancy hotel lobby your not-so-fancy comb just gets away from you.



March 17, 2017. Portland, Oregon.

The Crap People Leave on the Side of the Road [“guest bloggerS” post!]

Thanks to Mark L. from Kentucky for this gem. It might be my favorite of all time.

Sometimes on the highway in Pennsylvania your portable medical toilet chair just gets away from you.


Aug. 3, 2011. Somewhere in Western PA.


Thanks to Sara K from the UK for the follow-up addition.

Sometimes in a field you just must leave a toilet under a tree.


Spring 2016. Near Warwick, England.

Rinse and Spit

Sometimes near the air hose at the gas station your toothbrush and toothpaste spit just get away from you.


May 20, 2016. Maryland.