When are you Combing Back?

Sometimes when you’re visiting a family member that keeps a blog of lost items your complimentary travel comb from your arrival flight just gets away from you and is noticed after you have boarded your departure flight for New Zealand.



Livin’ on a Prayer [“Guest Blogger” Post]

Sometimes at church your Rainbow Dash Playskool My Little Pony® and pretzels® just get away from you.

Thanks, Fran at ControlledDescent for this gem.



November 13, 2o16. Pennsylvania.

The Crap People Leave on the Side of the Road [“guest bloggerS” post!]

Thanks to Mark L. from Kentucky for this gem. It might be my favorite of all time.

Sometimes on the highway in Pennsylvania your portable medical toilet chair just gets away from you.


Aug. 3, 2011. Somewhere in Western PA.


Thanks to Sara K from the UK for the follow-up addition.

Sometimes in a field you just must leave a toilet under a tree.


Spring 2016. Near Warwick, England.